Dihua Yan, Yannan Chen, Haotian Xu,Yitao Wang
闫迪华,陈雁南,徐皓田, 王义韬
我们在432屯儿的展览方案中回应了 “以一个更加真诚的态度市民分享心中的美好愿景”的核心议题。我们把1:100的方案实体模型横向放置于一个经过改造的集装箱内,打破人们固有的解读超高层建筑的方式,让方案中每一个细节可以被近距离解读;再配合45°反射镜面的运用,把整个建筑四个立面的信息压缩到集装箱的一个展示面,形成一场二维的视觉盛宴。室内展有关于方案的调研、理论构架以及图纸表达的具体信息,为有心人提供更深层的交流与思考的机会。而集装箱本身则成为一个发光的大橱窗;建筑设计者的理念不再以冷淡、高逼格的形象粉墨登场,而是履行“内行看门道,外行看热闹”的原则,将自己“销售”出去。

We believes that the most important issue in exhibiting 432 Village is the way it communicates with public. The first decision we made is to display the 4-meter long tower horizontally. This strategy reverses the traditional perspective from which people observe a tower, making every moments of the project equally accessible. Therefore the conventional idea of hierarchy in high-rise buildings is dismantled.

The shipping container is designed as a big "store showcase". Combined with 45 degree mirrors and professional lighting design, its front facade turns into a visual feast of every single detail in the physical model, attracting people to talk and discuss about it. The interior space of the container provides more specific information about the background research, drawings and ideas of the project.